Atlanta flawless Magazine made its debut in 2017, in Atlanta GA, United State of America. The idea was born by the Publisher, Bobaseye Akinyemi Olusegun Fasakin, who was driven by the need of taken fashion and entertainment lifestyle to the next level, both to Africans and the rest of the world.

The magazine is housed under BOFAS MULTIMEDA LLC, which has made a name in Event Planning and Decorating in Atlanta, USA.
Atlanta flawless Magazine’s main focus is the celebration of African fashion
Energized by the fact that there was so much to reveal in our daily life style and choice of fashion and entertainment, the magazine shows with crisp, clear pictures of celebrated occasion, community spotlight, business network and also made a space for couple which has made names for themselves in love and togetherness, to showcase their love under a wonderful column called “Power Couple’

The official launch and release venue was at Fairfield Marriot, Gwinnett Place, Atlanta, GA and was attended by reputable people in USA. Today, it is one of the most attended launching/release of entertainment magazines on the continent.
Atlanta flawless Magazine is 100 percent African. It is an African company, fueled by the African spirit of doggedness and determination, but driven by first-rate, world-class standards. We are determined to be No.1 in Celebrity Stories. No.1 in Qualitative Pictures, No.1 in Breezy Prose and will make every effort to remain No. 1.

To be Africa’s leading Entertainment Magazine.

To build up the spirit of updated fashion lifestyle in the heart of people through showcasing the profile of people it has profited.



Publisher- Bobaseye Akinyemi Olusegun Fasakin

Managing Editor/Admin : Charles Chukwudi Thomas

Editor- Stella McCartney

Events & Entertainment Editor: Olatokunbo Fasakin

Features Writers- Bo Amusa,

Olusegun Atanda

Photographer: Kumbo Pro.